Train your brain

to think backwards!

— That's right, simple enough.

Stay focused and be attentive to the colour of the question before you answer!

How it works

Answer as many questions as you can in the shortest amount of time and let your friends know how well you can accurately think backwards!
Easy enough — but can you beat the clock?

How to play

Answer green questions correctly and red questions incorrectly!

Hint of advice

Refresh to skip to the next question if you don't know the answer!

App Features

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Sign up and login to save scores and track progress!


View your play history and track of your improvement!

Share scores

Let your friends know how fast you can train your brain!

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Test how well your brain can think backwards with this backwards mind game!

Questions are general statements with no specific category or theme.
All questions are presented at random and are unrelated.

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